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Thursday 1 December 2011

The first part of this event was the Annual General Meeting.  Reports were given by the Vice Chairman, Membership Secretary and Treasurer, all of which were approved by the membership present.  The Chairman, David Wilson; Treasurer, Jim Reid; and committee member Roy Darnbrough had previously declared that they wished to stand down from the Committee.  It was therefore necessary to elect a new Chairman, Treasurer, and committee member.  David McGow was elected as Chairman, and Lindsay Walls as Treasurer (retaining his position as Vice Chairman).  The election of David McGow as Chairman created an additional vacancy of committee members ‘without portfolio’; Mr Stuart Montgomery and Mr Calum Melrose were elected to fill the two vacant posts.  The remaining incumbent committee members were re-elected.  David McGow made an introductory statement thanking the members present for their support, and discussed how the Group may move forward in the future.  The formal business was concluded, and the the entertainment commenced.  Following a short break, the next part of the meeting was a slide show.  This was  presented by Mr James Pringle, on activity in 2011 in the fleet of Lothian Buses.

Lothian Buses 595, a Dennis Trident, seen on South Bridge, Edinburgh.  Photo by James Pringle.

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